Wall Stickers Luxury Flower Self Adhesive Decals Wallpaper For Living Room Bedroom furniture Decoration.


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A classic yet incredibly elegant wallpaper. A dramatic Multicolor Flower Wallpaper will bring a lavish finish to a glamorous room.

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This 3D flower wallpaper : Comes Quality, Easy to Apply and Easily Removable Wallpaper peel and stick.

‣Use this wall paper as Flower paneling for your Kitchen, bath, living room or bedroom making it the perfect wall
paper decorations.

‣Self-adhesive glue on back makes it easy to apply; simply peel back paper and paste on wall

‣It won’t tear easily like its thin competitors, and it is the most realistic 3D flower wallpaper  in the market!

‣Our 3D flower wallpaper stick and peel makes the perfect kitchen backsplash wallpaper! It can even be used as Flower
wrapping paper

‣Easy to Clean And Maintain Including Stains And oil Smudges With A Dry Cloth

‣Freshen Your Space Give a Luxurious Natural Look to Most Surfaces This Interior Film gives any objects a much more appealing look and is ideal for people who doesn’t  want to invest a lot of money but upgrade the old furniture Wall or Floor in a easy and fast & economical way

Dimensions 18 X 120 Inch’s With Premium packaging with a Core Tube. So, no wrinkles, folds, or any other damage upon  arrival.

‣ SIZE: Large Size In Centimeters 45 x 300 cm (Need 7 Rolls to cover a 10 ft. by 10 ft. Wall Size.)

NOTE:  For newly painted walls, it’s suggested to wait for 4 weeks before applying the decal. DO NOT apply on wet walls.

Color : Blue
Design: Floral
Dimensions: 45 X 300 Cm
Package Included : 1 Roll

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 53 × 5.5 × 5.5 cm


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